Kyambura Hydro Power Project in Uganda

Region: Western Region, Uganda
Client: Ziba Limited
Period: 2016/2017

ZIBA Limited as the developer contracted Proess to update the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Kyambura Hydropower to IFC Performance Standards and implement the Resettlement Action Plan (RAPI). The study involved identifying the gaps in the RAP and ensuring compliance with IFC Performance Standards and Ugandan legislation.


  • Update of RAP to IFC Performance Standards.
  • Socioeconomic baseline surveys.
  • RAP preparation for additional land.
  • Cadastral survey of affected land.
  • RAPI
  • Design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision of the relocation exercise for the affected PAPs.

Reference Sheet Download: Kyambura Hydro Power Project

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