Kinyara Co-generation Plant Expansion in Uganda

Region: Western Region, Uganda
Client: Kinyara Sugar Limited
Period: 2016

Kinyara Sugar Limited contracted Proess to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed expansion of the proposed 45MW Kinyara Co-generation Plant.


Proess prepared an EIA for the proposed 45MW Kinyara Co-generation Plant in compliance with the World Bank Operational Policies.

  • Identifying all potential significant adverse environmental and social impacts, of the project and recommend measures for mitigation.
  • Establishing baseline information on both natural and built environment including socio-economic conditions of the proposed project area.
  • Identifying, predicting and evaluating foreseeable impacts, both beneficial and adverse, of the proposed investment.
  • Developing mitigation measures that aim at eliminating or minimizing the potential negative impacts and promote positive ones.
  • Developing an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for reference during project implementation.
  • Stakeholder mapping and consultations.

Reference Sheet Download: Kinyara Sugar Factory

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