Achwa 3 Hydro Power Project in Uganda

Region: Northern Region, Uganda
Client: Achwa 3 HPP Limited
Period: 2015

Achwa 3 HPP Ltd contracted Proess to carry out a Topographical Survey, Bathymetric Survey and Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation for Achwa 3 HPP.


  • A topographical survey, bathymetric survey and preliminary geotechnical investigations for the HPP along the river profile especially where the plant structures were proposed to be.
  • Topographical survey activities were carried out using a well calibrated Real-Time Kinematic RTK (Double and Single Station GPS Unit), Total Station picking precise GPS locations for all the proposed project structures, access road and the centre line.
  • Geotechnical investigations were carried out by establishing trial pits along the selected project structures and laboratory tests of the soil from the test pits.
  • A bathymetric survey was also carried out to determine the maximum and mean depth of the river section which is necessary for understanding river stratification and functioning of biological and chemical dynamics in stratified and mixed systems.

Reference Sheet Download: ACHWA HPP3 [8MW] PROJECT IN UGANDA

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